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Environmental Health & Safety

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Pro Pipe's first priority is providing quality service in a safe, effective and efficient manner.  Our goal is to protect personnel, property, the public and the environment while eliminating risk.  To meet this priority Pro Pipe has DOT Operator Qualification or "OQ" certified personnel with standard safety and training protocol.  Additionally, Pro Pipe has NCCER OQ certified personnel and is a current member of PEC Premier.  Pro Pipe has been a member of ISN (ISNetworld) since 2002.  Continual and comprehensive training is a standard at Pro Pipe. At Pro Pipe, Safety is an attitude.

All of our crews participate in daily Jobsite Safety Assessments or JSAs. These short job talks are carried out with jobsite foreman, employees, inspection, subcontractors, and company personnel to cover and eliminate daily risk elements they could be seeing for each particular day.

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